USP 797 Compounding Pharmacy Supplies Solution From Cleanroom Connection

Cleanroom Connection specializes as a pharmacy cleanroom supplies source and one-stop shop for complete USP 797 compliance. Pharmacy cleanroom-trained staff offer great knowledge of USP 797 and now USP 800 personal protective equipment. Cleanroom Connection stocks non-shedding lint free pharmacy wipes, sterile coveralls with attached hood and boot covers, sterility testing products like media fill tests and contact plates, as well as ASTM-rated USP 800 compliant gowns and sterile chemo gloves.

Cleanroom Connection has been supplying compounding pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers that are USP 797 and cGMP compliant for the past 10 years. Over that time, constant reviews and evaluations of pharmacy supplies and apparel has helped narrow the product offering to only what is highly reviewed by pharmacists and purchasing professionals. Unlike other pharmacy suppliers that offer thousands of items blindly, Cleanroom connection has focused its offering to the top 3-5 product choices in each item category. Contact us for our complete 6-page USP 797 compliance pharmacy supplies brochure.

Cleanroom Connection has associates at PCAB, the FDA, the USP and other highly regarded institutions and organizations that have helped choose the proper pharmacy supplies and cleanroom products to offer customers. Unlike other pharmacy suppliers, Cleanroom Connections offers a hand-picked selection of pharmacy cleanroom supplies and apparel spend time with customers to explain proper usage technique, goes over applications for each product and send free samples on everything they sell.

To request the Cleanroom Connection USP 797 pharmacy compliance kit, please call tool free at 800-616-5319.

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