Revolutionary BioClean D Drop-Down Garments for USP 797 Sterile Donning

Cleanroom Connection added an innovative line of sterile disposable apparel from BioClean. The BioClean-D Drop-Down Garment is a single-use coverall with unique design to make aseptic donning quick and easy as well as effective.

BioClean-D™ Drop-Down Garment with Hood is made of durable low-linting CleanTough™ material. Its distinctive design leaps ahead of the cleanroom pack offering the world’s first true aseptic gowning technique. See the BioClean-D Drop-Down coverall in action compared to the time required and sterile donning techniques of traditional coveralls in this video.

The patent-protected drop-down garment has several new features that reduce contamination of the sterile coveralls.

  • internal colored tabs to indicate safe touch points to reduce touching the outside of the garment
  • over-the-head donning to eliminate the risk of the garment touching the floor and speeds donning reducing standard coverall donning time by 30%
  • strategically placed quick release tabs and foot loops to assist with zipping
  • removable zip tab to maintain aseptic donning.

This sterile disposable coverall is suitable for ISO Class 4 and GMP Grade A environments. Sterilization is by gamma irradiation. Antistatic to EN 1149-1. The BioClean-D Drop-Down Garment with Hood is available in a range of sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large, free samples from Cleanroom Connection available upon request.

For more information, visit the Bio Clean-D Drop-Down Sterile Disposable Apparel page.

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