Cleanroom Supply launches Compounding Supply Connection offers cleanroom supplies and pharmaceutical compounding products geared to sterile compounding and your pharmacy.

Groton, CT. – Cleanroom Supply Connection announced today that it has launched Compounding Supply Connection which will cater to pharmacists and sterile compounding pharmacies and include product offerings such as glassware, sieves, capsule machines, cleanroom supplies, syringes, alcohols, hot plates, autoclaves, sterile swabs & wipers, disinfectants as well as other compounding and USP 797 related products.

“Many of our clients rely on multiple sources for their compounding and pharmacy supplies that your standard cleanroom supplier doesn’t carry – therefore we feel that a new business division focusing on compounding and USP 797 compliance would benefit our pharmacy customers.”

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About Cleanroom Supply Connection & Charlotte Safety
Charlotte Safety and Cleanroom Supply Connection are quickly growing as the leading cleanroom supplier in the USA. The difference between Cleanroom Supply Connection and other cleanroom suppliers is that we carry established brand name cleanroom supplies at the guaranteed lowest pricing. Many cleanroom suppliers are importing low quality cleanroom wipers and supplies to maximize profit and not considering the consequences of selling inferior supplies such as non-cleanroom compliance. Our cleanroom supplies are mostly made in the USA including the complete line of Criti-Clean cleanroom supplies which is quickly becoming our customers favorite cleanroom supply brand. For free samples and information on what cleanroom and compounding supplies we can offer your pharmacy please call us at 516.596.8781.